Note from the AEC Team

To our supporters, contributors and those interested in electoral reform and a strong democratic society.

We wanted to write a brief note updating you on our efforts and strategy at Abolish the Electoral College.

Abolish the Electoral College, (AEC) is a political action committee, founded in 2019, that works to support abolishment or significant change to our Electoral College voting system. We do that by building and sustaining a national membership, a grassroots army of like-minded individuals and by supporting progressive organizations and candidates willing to support structural and progressive change in our electoral and voting infrastructure and systems.

Building an effective political advocacy program requires robust infrastructure and talent, smart fundraising, acquisition and marketing strategies.

That’s what we have been working hard on since AEC’s inception in late 2019. Alarmed by President Trump’s Electoral College victory over Hillary Clinton’s popular vote victory in 2016, as well as a similar electoral college victory in the 2000 election between President George W. Bush and Vice president Al Gore, and in 3 other elections in our nations history we sought to avoid similar outcomes in future elections and began to develop our organization and planning to make AEC a powerful grassroots army, a supporter-led effort to achieve political reform.

In 2020 we sought out candidates and causes willing to take on the electoral college system and voting rights reforms. We worked to build a sustainable political organization in the hopes that we can impact change to these principles that we, you, and millions of other Americans agree are necessary to preserving our democracy.

We supported candidates and causes in states where we felt the National Popular Vote would have a better chance of success by adoption of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact agreement.

We focused on state legislative candidates in Michigan and Pennsylvania, and contributed to a successful initiative campaign in Colorado that affirms the Colorado legislature’s decision to support the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. We believe that this targeted strategy will most effectively bring about real electoral college change, but that change can only occur through a sustained, multi-cycle effort.

Since the 2020 election, we have focused on growing our organization and making smart acquisition and marketing decisions to support our political efforts in the 2022 elections and beyond. This effort has put us on track to grow our membership by nearly 50% from the end of 2020, which we plan to utilize for our 2022 political advocacy efforts.

Over 80% of the resources raised from your contributions have gone directly to build and support infrastructure and programmatic expenses that further our mission of electoral change and voting rights reform. As this infrastructure becomes more solidified and efficient we will drive administrative expenses and costs even lower so that an even larger percentage of our donor contributions go directly to successful advocacy and direct programmatic expenses.

We remain committed to utilizing our resources as effectively as possible and appreciate the support we have gotten thus far, from thousands of contributors who have made an average contribution of just over $15.00, since June of 2019. We believe this support shows grassroots strength and widespread interest in abolishing the electoral college and reforming our voting systems.

The team at AEC would again like to thank our donors for their generous contributions and will continue to work to build Abolish the Electoral College into an effective political organization that impacts the changes and reforms we believe are so very urgent for our country.

With appreciation,

Team AEC