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Abolish the Electoral College (AEC) is a grassroots organization dedicated to mobilizing supporters, electing candidates, and partnering with impactful organizations that work to support reform and abolishment of the Electoral College. AEC also works to support free and fair access to voting, protecting the right of every qualified citizen to vote and are committed to fighting back against the unprecedented rise of voter suppression, gerrymandering and election subversion efforts across the country.

We want to end our antiquated and unjust system of choosing our Nation’s President and Vice President through the electoral college system, while working to fight back against extreme voter suppression measures and working to ensure that the fundamental right to vote is protected. We believe the Electoral College and these efforts to restrict the fundamental right to vote, limit our country from a fully participatory democracy and are counter to our belief that every vote matters and our elections should be free, fair and accessible to every qualified citizen.

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One Person, One Vote

Popular Vote

In 2016 Donald Trump only won the election because of the Electoral College. Despite losing the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by nearly 3 million votes, Donald Trump was elected President. And despite Joe Biden’s popular vote win of nearly 8 million votes in 2020, the election could have again ended in Trump’s favor but for 45,000 votes in states like Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin, or .03% of total votes cast.

Since the 2000 Presidential election, the Electoral College has benefited the last two Republican presidents despite their losing the popular vote. Unless we act to reform this system — one that privileges the few over the collective voice of the many — through a sustained and multi-pronged effort, extreme candidates like Donald Trump will be able to pull off razor thin victories in a few swing states despite overwhelming losses in the popular vote.

Electoral College

So what did the 2020 election reveal about the Electoral College?

According to this insight from the Brennan Center for Justice:

“In the aftermath of the 2020 presidential race, Donald Trump and his allies fueled an effort to overturn the results of the election, spreading repeated lies about widespread voter fraud. This included attempts by a number of state legislatures to nullify some of their states’ votes, which often targeted jurisdictions with large numbers of Black voters. Additionally, during the certification process for the election, some members of Congress also objected to the Electoral College results, attempting to throw out electors from certain states. While these efforts ultimately failed, they revealed yet another vulnerability of the election system that stems from the Electoral College.”

Our Priorities

Abolish and reform the electoral college system by supporting passage of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact at the state level.

Support candidates and allied organizations who commit to electoral reform and voting rights to achieve full participation in our elections.

Support initiatives like the recent 2020 Colorado initiative that affirmed their state legislature's decisions to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.

Protect the right to vote by supporting common sense solutions and organizations working hard to increase access to voting and ensure our elections are fair and secure.

What is the national popular vote interstate compact?

The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact seeks to ensure that the presidential candidate who wins the most popular votes nationwide is elected president. When a state passes legislation to join the National Popular Vote Compact, it pledges that all of that state’s electoral votes will be given to whichever presidential candidate wins the popular vote nationwide, rather than the candidate who won the vote in just that state.

These bills will take effect only when states with a majority of the electoral votes have passed similar legislation and joined the compact. States with electoral votes totaling 270 of the 538 electoral votes would have to pass NPV bills before the compact kicks in and any state’s bill could take effect.

Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Illinois, New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Minnesota and Maryland have enacted the Interstate Compact. Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, West Virginia, South Carolina, and Georgia have legislation pending.

The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact will effectively “abolish” the Electoral College without amending the Constitution.

States that join the compact agree to award their electoral votes to the candidate who wins the national popular vote.

We can Abolish the Electoral College state-by-state and so far, 16 states + DC have signed on, giving us 205 of the 270 electoral votes we need to make the Electoral College as it stands irrelevant.

205 EVs (36%) enacted. 68 EVs (12%) legislation pending. 275 EVs (51%) neither enacted nor pending.