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Abolish the Electoral College PAC

Join over 100,000 activists dedicated to Abolishing the Electoral College

About Us

Abolish the Electoral College is dedicated to mobilizing supporters who want to end this antiquated and unjust system of choosing our Nation’s President and Vice President.

One person, one vote.

These seem like simple and fundamental statements, but two of the last three presidents were elected despite losing the popular vote. We must abolish this relic to prevent Donald Trump or anyone like him from taking power again.

It’s simple. The person with the most votes wins an election. Period.

Abolish the Electoral College was created to reform an antiquated system that we believe does not adequately represent the will of the people. A system that was created nearly 240 years ago with a compromise to placate an evil system of slavery. We believe that this obviously flawed system of choosing our President and Vice President is long overdue for reform.

We believe that every person’s vote should count, not just those in a select few states. Reform of the Electoral College is long overdue in order to better fit our belief and basic principle that every citizen here in America has a right to have their voice heard and that their vote matters.

Our goal is to build a grassroots army, ready to aggressively advocate for long overdue reform of the electoral college system, that replaces this antiquated system with a more just and democratic method of choosing our nations’ President and Vice President.

One person, one vote, is what we believe.

Popular vote vs. Electoral College

It’s no secret Donald Trump only won the 2016 election because of the Electoral College. Despite losing the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes, Donald Trump was elected President, and in 2020 he nearly pulled it off again. Despite a popular vote margin in the millions, Joe Biden’s Electoral College margin was in the tens of thousands of ballots.

Until we abolish this unjust and antiquated system, extreme candidates like Donald Trump will be able to pull off razor-thin victories in a few swing states despite overwhelming losses in the rest of the country.

In recent years the Electoral College has decided in favor of the last two Republican presidents despite their losing the popular vote – and unless we act fast it could give us another Trump.

Sign up today and join us as we work to Abolish the Electoral College and replace it with a system that respects the one person, one vote, every vote matters, principals that our nation deserves!